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We will be publishing guides, manuals, reel strips and other slot related graphics for FREE. If you can help please let us know and we'll include your graphics here for other collectors.

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Bryans Elevenses Backflash - www.slotmachinedepot.co.uk
Mills Roman Head Award Card. We have many other award cards available, just email and ask. We can also re-create these for a small fee, or customise an award card or reel strips. Bryans Elevenses and FiveWin Award Cards. High Resolution. We created this repro, and someone is currently selling it on eBay. You can request it from us FREE.


Please Note: I can reproduce any reel strips, made to order and printed on gloss or matt card, white or black background. We cannot produce strips with a silver background. Reel strips start from £35 a set.


Slot Machine Articles and Help
Article - Inginuity of the Bryans BULLION

The Bryans BULLION is often considered by many collectors, one of William Bryan's greatest, if not the last great innovation among his machines. Made in 1963 the Bullion machine was the Roulette Gaming device missing from the portfolio of coin operated machines with the Bryans name.

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Project Article - Back Flash for ELEVENSES

The Bryans Elevenses is one of the most popular (and common) Allwin machines but as many owners have found the plastic back flash on the playfield often splits, warps, shrinks or fades. In the download section below you will find a file that you can download free that contains the correct size, colour and high resolution back flash, ideal as a replacement.

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Project Article - Restore an Allwin

Buying any slot machine that requires a restoration can seem daunting even more so when parts are missing. This article takes you on a journey of restoring a Fill Em Up Allwin from Ruffler & Walker, but with one major hurdle, it's missing a major part, the payout handle.

Along with the cabinet restoration you'll see how our contributor tried their hand as metal casting for the first time. Enjoy the trip!

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My First Machine - An Amusing tale of being a collector

"Watching an attendant open up a slot machine", those words I heard another collector say recently on youtube suddenly hit a note with me. Let me elaborate, as a young kid growing up in the sixties and seventies visiting the seaside or holiday camp mean't one thing to me, slot machines. However, it wasn't some dark side to me of perhaps being a secret gambler, or maybe an addition to playing slots, no it was the fascination of how do they work. The line I began this article with rang true to me, because one of the joys of wandering around the amusement arcades as a kid was when someone complained a machine had not accepted a coin or didn't receive a win, the attendant was called over, I often felt like a stalker and followed the attendant to the offending machine, and watched as he thumbed through what appeared to be a key chain with hundreds of keys dangling, Oh as a kid I always wanted to have a key chain like that...

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Do not use WD40 to free mechanical devices. It dries very quickly and makes the mech sticky which can cause more problems than you hoped to solve!

Changing the coinage used on a slot machine from one denomination to another can cause damage to both the coin entry escalator and the payout slides. Even if the coins appear similar in size it only takes the smallest of difference in weight, thickness or diameter to cause problems.

Kill the woodworm. If you spot the slightest hint on holes in the wood of any slot machine, unless you play darts close by, you can be sure the small holes are from woodworm. Don't take it the previous owner treated them, buy and treat it yourself, otherwise you'll eventually infest other areas of the wood panels, and possibly furniture in the home.

Do not replace broken jackpot glass with cheap thin glass, especially if kids are playing the machines. Cheap glass will shatter... Replace with acrylic, as its as clear as glass and much stronger and will not shatter!

Missing the ball from the end of the Pull Arm on a bandit? Replace with a snooker ball by drilling a hole and screwing on arm. These snooker balls are ideal size and in a variety of colours, and can be picked up cheaply from car boot sales.

Avoid applying thick grease to any part of your machines. Machines in the home do not get played as much as when they were in an arcade, and if you have the bandit indoors, central heating will dry and harden the grease causing parts to seize!
















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