Terms and Conditions of Slot Machine Repairs

(The term Slot Machine used throughout refers to any mechanical/electro device such as One Arm bandit, Pinball Machine, Jukebox, Allwin, Arcade machine, Gaming Device, Entertainment Device)

Any work carried out on customers behalf either minor or major repairs, services or full restorations will be done to the best possible standard to ensure trouble free game play. However, due to the age of vintage slot machines (and related gaming devices) no guarantee of reliability can be made once it has left our workshop. All machines will be tested and played continuously prior to collection by the customer to ensure it functions as it should. Please understand that most machines we work on are from 1900-1970 and as such parts may be worn, broken, damaged or missing.

We accept no responsibility for any damage or breakages during slot machine tear-down. Due to the age of these machines sometimes seized bolts, screws or fragile/aged metal may break during dismantling. We will endeavor to take care of your machine within our workshop during any work but cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or breakages what so ever.

Please remember that vintage mechanical devices can be temperamental even when they are functioning correctly. For this reason we accept absolutely no responsibility for any issues relating to the working of a slot machine once it has been collected or delivered to the customer.

All prices charged take in to account the current condition of the mechanism and the associated problems that may be present. Any quote given without us actually seeing the machine in person is purely an estimate which may change once work is started on the slot machine. We will always inform customers of any additional work required prior to commencement of work, and accept email confirmation prior to continued work.

Payment terms is strictly full payment upon collection or prior to delivery. We do not allow any credit what so ever. No payment, No collection. If any completed slot machine repair is not paid within a reasonable time (3 full calendar months) then the item will be sold at auction to pay for all fees including storage charges (storage per day £20).

By giving us written, verbal or email/WhatsApp confirmation of any works required implies you agree to these terms of service. If you do not agree then please use another repair company.